Bounce House rental Miami, FL 

We Have A Myriad of Bounce House Rental Miami Available For Everyone

Are you looking for a bounce house rental Miami with the largest selection of bounce houses of all shapes, sizes and colors? Whether you are planning a backyard party or a school party, we have the right selection of bounce houses and moonwalks of all sizes. We’ve also got inflatables for commercial events, like those in the park or corporate events for employees and their families alike. As a locally owned and operated company, we have been serving the city of Miami for over a decade. However, over the years, we’ve been able to amass a selection of often rare and expensive bounce houses rental in Miami, in addition, to ones with so-called run-of-the-mill type items. So, whether you’re looking for bounce house Miami rental of a particular color, size or type, we have them all!

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In addition to a large selection of bounce house rental Miami, Fl, we also have a team of highly experienced professionals. Our team ensures that you experience the best in Florida, most professional service from the time you call us to when it’s time for us to remove the bounce houses from your property. Our team also works with clients, helping to plan and execute parties of all sizes of water slides and bounce houses. Our goal is to ensure that you have a stress-free experience while our team works behind to scenes to make all that fun possible!

We Take Having the Latest and Great Bounce House Rentals Miami Very Seriously

When you are in the market for bounce house rentals Miami, we can bet that you’ll come across pretty much the same thing across the city. It seems as though it is a coordinated effort on the part of bounce house rental services to stock only the most popular types. However, that’s not us. At Event Max, we take having fun very seriously, and that is why whether it is whimsical bounce houses, Disney-themed type moonwalks, or ones that are an all-time favorite, we have them all. Many of the best bounce house rental Miami are available at Event Max can’t be found anywhere else, and that’s one reason we are the go-to company for anyone planning a party.

Speaking of bounce houses, you can also rent cheap bounce house rental Miami of just about any size. Whether you are planning a party for toddlers, kids under 10, or young adults and teens, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the right size with us. Not only sizes, but we’ve got loads of options, so you don’t have to compromise on the theme or style of the party.

We also take great pride in ensuring that every bounce house hired is safe to use and set up by our trained professionals. That way, you don’t have to worry about who will set up or remove them (bounce houses) from your property.

Why Choose Our Miami Bounce House Rental?

One of the reasons why many of our clients have continued to choose our Miami bounce house rental is because they can be assured of top-shelf quality, excellent customer service and bounce houses that can otherwise not be found anywhere else. Our bounce houses are inspected for safety and hygiene, which means that they are 100% safe for use by kids, pets and adults alike. In fact, each time you rent a bounce house rental in Miami Fl from us, we will clean and sanitize it before delivery, ensuring it is germ and odor-free.
A few other reasons to choose our bounce houses in Miami include:

  • Free delivery and installation of every bounce house you hire.
  • We make sure that the bounce houses are delivered and set up hours before the party.
  • Our bounce houses can be delivered across the city regardless of zip code.

Delivering Your Bounce House Rentals Miami and Beyond

Hiring a bounce house rentals Miami company does not have to be difficult, and you certainly shouldn’t have to be jumping through any hoops unless it’s one of our basketball-themed inflatable games. Fortunately, a growing number of homeowners trust us to deliver their bounce houses across the city, regardless of when their party is scheduled.

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We have our own trucks and delivery people that handle everything for you. Whether it is a corporate party, a get-together amongst a few friends or a full-blown blast in the backyard, our bounce house rentals in Miami Fl will surely be a worthy addition.

Not sure if we’ll deliver to your address in Miami? Feel free to call and check with us at any time.

How to Book A Bounce House Rentals in Miami?

We’ve made booking a bounce house Rentals in Miami quick and simple. Our brand new websites make browsing through everything available and choosing the bounce houses you need very easy. Once you find what you need, click to book.

Here is how the process works:

  • Select the inflatable or party item.
  • Choose when you need it, i.e., date and time.
  • Enter information about your Event and yourself.
  • Pay a small deposit and then digitally sign the contract.

Once you have gone through the above process, we will send you an email confirming the information. You may also receive a call from one of our customer service professionals to confirm your order and delivery time.

Get The Best Bounce House Rental Miami Fl Today

We offer affordable, quick and make it easy-to-hire just about as many bounce house rental Miami Fl as you need. At Event Max, we offer numerous affordable options and more premium choices of bounce houses, for which we may have multiple pieces. We often have multiple bounce houses of the same type, especially for the more popular models. That’s why with us you never have to cancel a party or perhaps change your plans. Our bounce house rentals Miami Fl can be booked at any time, directly online.

If you choose to speak with someone or have a special request, please feel free to contact us. We are always more than happy to help clients. Oh, and we’re also around if you need some help choosing the right type of Miami bounce house party rentals for your party.